NU16 Checkin

Well, happy February and congratulations to those who haven’t caved yet to the hit it and quit by the end of January resolutioners. Way to hang in there!  You’ve waded through the salad filled trenches of misery and passed the doughnut and cake temptation road blocks. Well done👏🏻.

The hubs and I have been on the slim-me-down misery boat for 2 weeks now.  While he is hangrily rocking the no carb diet and by no carb that excludes milk because our marriage would most likely pay the price of his divorce from dairy.  I was suffering through the Turbo Carb Cycle.  If you’d like to delve into the deets of carb cycling then by all means click here  but the cliff notes version is 2 low-no carb days followed by 1 day with healthy carbs at every meal and 1 cheat day/meal a week.  The thing is, this worked but at the expense of my energy and milk supply.  I started noticing it tapering off the 2nd week in so I did some research and turns out milkin mommas need to have a larger portion of their intake from good carbs.  So I am still going high protein and fat, but with my apples, oatmeal and squash thrown in.

Alas, the hubs has dropped 8lbs and I’ve been able to kick 3.  Has has done nothing but nixed eating garbage carbs, I however am killing it at the gym 5 days a week and drooling over every red velvet oreo package I pass in the grocery store.  Not fair!  But I’ll take any decrease on the scale sister!  We’ve got some beach time coming up in 5 weeks and I’d rather the baby be the only evidence left of the pregnancy (insert rainbows and unicorns here).

My equally working-out-getting-trim bestie has been 85% of the reason why I’ve been faithful.  Point?  If you can find a fellow misery sweatster then do it!  We reserve rights to shame and guilt each other for wussing out of workouts while inwardly breathing a sigh of relief that we don’t have to put pants on and leave the house.  Kim is like my coffee, I can’t function daily without her.  

As far as what kind of physical torture we’re subjecting ourselves to, we’re mostly focusing on oly lifting at the gym with a lot of HIIT training and some yoga.  Occasionally we’ll throw in some lap swims, kickboxing or fit-bodied-filled workout dvds.    Our plans change every week which keeps our bodies guessing and the hurt so good soreness from workouts almost a daily thing.  

What kind of goals or regimes are you guys suffering through?


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So my intention to have public accountability was all grand until my follow up.  SO I started my slim jim regime at a solid 170# back on .  This morning I weighed in at 160.8.  Now there was A LOT of Netflix/bed/popcorn/skittles/wine happening and 4 pretty big holidays so the fact that I’m down at all is a miracle folks.  I didn’t have to bring the fat maternity pants back, which is a win.  I mean right now I’m eating my 4th “protien” muffin in bed binge watching Making a Murderer so I’d say my commitment level to being a hard core clean eater is slightly higher than my 5 year old’s commitment to flushing and washing her hands after going to the bathroom.  But alas my life coach has strongly encouraged me to get with it so I’m making a few goals.  

So here it is folks, because you want to read someone else’s goals/resolutions for the year…

Nip the after 8pm eating

Do one unassisted pull up

Handstand Walk across the room unassisted

Workout 4-5 times a week

Complete Turbo Carb Cycling until Spring Break

Work on flexibility each week


So now that it’s all out there I’ll strive to be faithful about updating how these “dreams” are going.  But for tonight, Muffins and murder mysteries are calling my name.





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Happy New Year!!

A little late, and for those who didn’t win the lottery of a Christmas card, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!Christmas Cards back copy Christmas Cards1

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3-4 Month Munchkin

Ok, so I’m really bad at keeping up with Sadie’s monthly progress.  This is seriously going too fast… Wouldn’t trade her giggles and coo’s for nuthin!


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Traveled so far

I wonder if the Wise Men knew they had some followers…dino

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Happy Birthday Butterbean

20151112_115039 20151102_105953 20151106_093229Happy Birthday you crazy silly kid!

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Boobie Balls


How bout a Tuesday pick me up? This is gonna be short and sweet, because frankly my to do list is longer than and growing as I type.  And another reason for my intentional brevity is my annoyance when I look for recipes and have to scroll through 154 pictures of the same food and speed read through the completely unrelated conversation stuck  in between said 154 pictures. I like cliff notes people!  

Here ya go. Boobie Balls (their name derives from supposed ability to amp up your milk supply)

Great for energy and lots of protein.  

Boobie Balls

1 cup dates (soaked in hot water)

1/2 cup pb (I used red velvet buff bake for some extra protein)

1/2 cup nuts (whatever kind strikes your fancy)

1/4 cup ground flaxseed

2 cups oats

3 Tbsp brewers yeast (omit this if you aren’t milking a village)

1/4 cup chia seeds

Dark chocolate chips

Dried cherries

Coconut flakes


Using a food processor blend oats, flaxseed, yeast, chia seeds and nuts. Dump that into a bowl and then put the dates in the food processor and mix until chunky. Then add pb and blend until well mixed. Add date mixture to oat blend and mix well. Add chocolate and cherries at your own discretion. Next roll into balls and coat in coconut. Store in fridge.




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Supper Saves

If only I followed my own advice, ah how smoothly my weeks would run!  Nevertheless, I thought I’d share my personal supper sanity savers that make dinner time each night a much less stressful experience for all.  I mean because if you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times, failing to prep is prepping to fail.  And anytime I can curb a hormone laced freak out, it is time well spent!

****I’m preaching to myself on these folks!!

1.  Think about your dinners this week.  Write them down.  If you don’t have the slightest clue what you’re cooking for the upcoming week, that 5 p.m. dinner wake up call will be painful.  It doesn’t have to be a long arduous process.  Get on pinterest and peruse!  If you’re anal like myself and like thigs pretty and organized, check out Faithful Provisions Menu Planner.  

2. Dedicate one afternoon either Saturday or Sunday to the nitty gritty prep.  Everybody’s week usually starts over on Mondays so having everything ready before the bustle of Manic Mondays hits is a crucial step to minimizing the mommy-meltdowns.  My day is Sunday afternoon.  After church while the kids are having “quiet time” aka “jumping on dad while he tries to watch football time.”  

2.  Slice and Dice.   Cut up all your veggies that need chopped, diced or cubed for the recipes.  I’m a huge fan of mason jars so I pack them with onions, peppers and mushrooms for the upcoming recipes.  Then I wash and cut up my carrots and celery and stick in a dish of water for quick snacks and easy lunch box grabs in the mornings.  Next wash, peel and cut up your fruit so you have it ready for easy snacks.  

3.  Get a grip on your meat.  Pull out the next 2 days worth of meats from the freezer and put in the fridge so they’re all thawed out.  If you’re really ambitious you can go ahead and cook up your ground beef and  make your meatloaf, meatballs, stuff chicken or any ahead prep you can do to knock off time for the dinner night.  

4.  Serve up the sides.  We eat a lot of quinoa and veggie salads for sides.  So cook up double or triple your servings of grains and store in a mason jar so that step is all done.  My veggie side stores easy in the fridge for 5-6 days.  And bonus, it gets better the more it marinates.  #winning 

5.  Stay flexible.  No matter what life happens.  I forget to set out meat, don’t feel like cooking.  We play outside a little long and I don’t have enough time to cook before bedtime.  Stuff is gonna happen.  But if I get at least a few of these steps done, I’m that much more prepared for the curve balls headed my way.  

Dish me out some of y’all’s fav prepping tips!

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Happy Veteran’s Day

Thank you to all the veteran’s out there serving and who have served, but especially to the Veterans in my life…thank you for your sacrifice, for missing what most Americans take for granted, moments with family and their everyday life. We love you!

Colonel Steve Olive USAF


Dannelle Stratton, Colorado Air National Guard



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Hallowed Eve

Happy late Halloween!  We enjoyed the seasonibly warm all hallowed eve truck or treating with my niece, bless her soul.  Nothing says a good time more than corralling 3 costume laden, sugar crazed, beyond bedtime exhausted, emotional girls through the dark streets knocking on strangers doors begging for candy.  Who’s volunteering for next year?  


We made it a whole block before my Viking abandoned ship.  When the 4yr old started crying because she wanted in Sadie’s stroller I knew no fun sized treat was gonna be worth it, as much as Andy and I look forward to raiding the candy post bedtime, we had to call it.


So we get home, take off soggy shoes and get some actual food other than Nestle and Mars food groups in the bellies and turn on the front porch light signaling that we’re open for business.  And that my friend is when the magic began.


Those 3 whiny tired children disappeared and 3 happy eager humans to their place. What joy to throw, yes throw, candy at a stranger coming up on your porch!  I sat back in awe as the kids got more joy from giving stuff away than hoarding all the loot.  Parenting win!  They stood on the porch peddling customers. For an hour they gave and gave until the candy ran out and reluctantly came inside when I turned the porch light off.  They loved it!  I see in our future more bestowing than receiving next year and I’m stoked!  

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