This is my journey into the ancient art of home domestication.  A dying trade I am finding, but one that needs pushed to the front lines of every home in our nation.  Three years ago I couldn’t tell you what a pressure canner looked like, much less what it was used for, but today I am saturating as many skills and know-hows of these classic homemaking methods to better provide for my family with what God has generously blessed us with.  Our goal as a family is to become as self-reliant as possible.  Not a foil hat wearing, sidewalk preaching “the world is ending” fanatic, I am concerned about what the next years will hold for our country and I want to be as prepared as possible for any outcome.  After all this is how things were done in “the good ol’ days”.  So why not apply them now?

I am a mother cubed.  Three little girls under 3 and a husband of 3 years has certainly keep me busy.  But these 3 magnificent minions and my hubbie are my motivating factors to becoming the healthiest momma and wife I can be, inside and out! First, let me say life is NOT perfect and neither am I!  My passion is wholesome living  and while I am still figuring this all out this is my space in the universe to hopefully help, motivate, inspire and maybe transform someone’s life out there.   Here on Simply Hillbilly you’ll find down-to-earth, home grown, and simple tips and trials on all things Food, Family, and Faith!


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