For those who arent’ into acronyms, that stands for Tone It Up Bikini Series Week 1.  The first week, when motivation and willpower at are at their peak, things are pleasant to report!  And since we’re still in week one, things are good. Had 2 slip ups on my nutrition plan, but nailed the workouts this week and got my daily water goal in. Had a fantastic  workout on Wed with the lover and the littlest hiking at the falls.  Since he’s on the slimdown train too, it’s a lot easier to add those cardio miles with a mutual suffering companion.  

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 (null) We got lots of walks to the park in and a couple of bike rides. IMG_3509

All day zoo adventures really wear a kid outIMG_3523
Walks to the river with the neighborhood crewIMG_3527 image

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