Past the Plague

This winter is going down in the books as the WORST one we’ve had bar none!  Anything that the kids could have brought home and shared with the family they did…2 and 3 times over.  Cheers to hitting the family yearly deductible by March!  The baby has been the only one to claim immunity throughout it all.  PTL I’m glad for that, but I’m beyond ready to look at this cold/flu season in my rear view mirror with the windows open!  
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We’ve got one kid on the roster for tonsil and adenoid eviction and I’m praying that is the key to breaking our record.  She seems to be the favorite host for incubating.  
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So while we’re on round 143,475 of nursing a sicko, we’ve got our eyes on the spring break prize of sunshine and fresh air and healthy kids!094

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